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  • Kickstarter campaign for We Stay Behind and brand-new demo
    Everyone! We have exciting news to share! The Kickstarter campaign for our mystery adventure We Stay Behind is now live! Head to Kickstarter to support the last development phase and secure some fantastic rewards! Yay, yay, yay! We’re launching a Kickstarter NOW! The last weeks were very work-intensive for us. We spent a lot of time preparing … Read more
  • A brief update on Morriton Manor
    As you might know, We Stay Behind is not the only game we’re working on right now. Together with Hauke Gerdes, we’re making a game about the popular German Twitch and YouTube Rocket Beans TV series Morriton Manor. I did a quick update (in German) on Twitch with Hauke today, so I thought I’d share … Read more
  • How does this thing work?
    We finally did it and set up our blog. After being relatively quiet for quite a while, deeply immersed in the development of We Stay Behind, we thought it was time to get visible again. The world of social media seems to change a lot these days. It’s loud and crowded everywhere, so having our … Read more