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How does this thing work?

We finally did it and set up our blog. After being relatively quiet for quite a while, deeply immersed in the development of We Stay Behind, we thought it was time to get visible again. The world of social media seems to change a lot these days. It’s loud and crowded everywhere, so having our own quiet little corner on the Internets seemed about right. We will update you on all our projects here regularly.

All newsletter subscribers get a fancy Concept Art PDF

To not miss anything, you can subscribe to our brand-new newsletter! We have a special treat for everyone who joins: if you subscribe to the mailing list, we will send you an exclusive Concept Art Collection PDF from We Stay Behind! For free, a little welcome gift for becoming part of the community.

Oh, and we can promise there WILL be good news coming in that newsletter later this week! We have been crazily busy preparing the Kickstarter campaign for We Stay Behind for the last couple of weeks. We’re launching a campaign for the last development phase – you can support us and get fantastic rewards. But you will see – it’s coming this Thursday, and you can help us by following the campaign before it launches over at Kickstarter.

Alriiiiight. The first thing I learned is I have to learn how to write these updates. They will get better with time, I’m sure. You know, structured and stuff. For now, let’s be happy the homepage and newsletter are ready, the blog is live, and the Kickstarter is coming – it’s going to be exciting times! Hurray!

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