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We love indie games

Backwoods Entertainment is an award-winning indie game studio from Germany. We set out to make original and atmospheric story-driven games. In 2018 we released our debut title Unforeseen Incidents, which was well received all over the world. We’re currently working on two new games: The interactive mystery We Stay Behind and the detective game Morriton Manor.



Unforeseen Incidents

When small-town handyman Harper Pendrell meets a dying woman in the street, he unwittingly stumbles into a diabolical conspiracy – a mystery only he can solve. An unknown disease is spreading across the country, and between them a scientist, a reporter and a reclusive artist hold the key to stopping it.


We Stay Behind

A comet is on course to obliterate the small town of Laburnum Creek. Renowned writer Laura Tanner visits the former health resort to interview several inhabitants who are refusing to leave. But there’s something rotten at the heart of this picturesque town. Curious characters and surreal encounters await Laura in an enigmatic journey between dreams and reality. Will Laburnum Creek cast its spell over her too? Or will she jeopardize everything to uncover the truth?


Morriton Manor

The famous Morriton Manor investigators have disappeared. Leah Glessner, private investigator of the supernatural, is sent to a mysterious island to find them. On the island, she faces not only the mystery surrounding the missing earls, but also a strange, confused countess, suspicious household staff, a frightening creature in the woods, and a strange time paradox. Uncover the dark secrets of the characters on Fortvil Island and save Dr. Tesseraque, Lord Henry Grey, Count Mon and his butler Winston in the first video game adaptation of a Rocket Beans TV format from Backwoods and Hauke Gerdes.

The Team


Game designer, writer, programmer


2D/3D artist, illustrator, designer


Composer, sound designer, programmer

Partners & Friends